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Fun Activities For Kids This Summer...

The kids break up for their summer holidays soon, not sure about you but for us this school year has just flown by! We know you're probably armed and ready with a list of activities and things to do to as long as your arm, but remember we have lots to keep the kids entertained to give you a little helping hand! Want to know more?

Build a Bear Sessions!

Our poor little animals often get forgotten about with Pottery Painting hitting up a storm at the moment - but don't overlook them, our Build a Bear sessions are a full-on experience and offer great fun for the kids. Now we've got plenty of animals to choose from, not just bears, all waiting to be adopted by your little one's. Here's a little overview of what's included in the experience:

We make sure to tell them a heart-warming story about how they came to be in our studio and are looking for their forever home before feeding them up with our magic food to make them all cuddly. The magic doesn't stop here as the next bit is our favourite; we get to make a special wish together using one of our magic wish stars and hearts. Our new friend looks after our wish whilst we decorate a t-shirt for them and come up with a name. The final part is arguably the most important as we fill in the adoption certificate and make a special promise that means your little one can take their new best friend home with them.

You can even have Build a Bear Parties or order online to do the activity at home in your garden!


We have lots of fun workshops going on this summer, using all sorts of different art techniques to get different effects. Not only will they be expressing their creativity but also learn while doing it.

Whether it's a plate, plant pot or something your child has created with clay, they're sure to come away with something to help them remember this summer!

We kick off on 27th July, where your child will learn different techniques to make their very own name plaque out of clay that can take pride of place on their bedroom door. This workshop requires them to come back at a later date (of your choice) to paint their wonderful creation.

Next up the fun paint spatting technique is used in our super cute Monster Plate Workshop on 7th August!

On the 10th August, we have a brand new Fairy House Workshop where we'll be designing an amazing house for all our fairy friends to visit. We will be using terracotta plant pots and acrylic paints to get creative with!

Our ever popular Under The Sea Plate Workshop is next up on 14th August. We use our fun bubble technique to create an amazing sea backdrop. We then get messy with fingerprint painting to create cute little fishes and other sea creatures to swim in our sea!

Finally, on the 21st August is our Rainbow Zebra Plate workshop. We first make a rainbow pattern before going over the top to create stripes.

Check out all our workshops here.

Pottery Painting!

Of course, the star of the show is Pottery Painting, and we can't deny it is a fabulous activity to do with the children. It's creative and parents/adults can join in as well, great for the whole family! How does it work we hear you say!

Book your session online here and arrive for your chosen time. Pick your pieces - we have a really broad range of pieces from dinosaurs and princesses to salt and pepper shakers and mugs! You can browse the full range before you come in to give you an idea of what you might want to paint here (please note you can't order online before coming in, you have to choose on the day). Once you've chosen we go through all the instructions and leave you to create your creative masterpieces! When you've finished and we've been wowed by your artistic genius, you leave the pieces with us for firing and glazing which can take up to ten days and we'll send you an email when they are ready to collect - the most exciting bit!


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