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Baby Imprints & Outprints: Service

Imprints & Outprints

Capture those tiny hands and feet!

Our very popular baby print clay impressions (imprints) and plaster outprints are the perfect way to capture those tiny fingers and toes while they are still so small. We can also do dog pawprints too! They make timeless keepsakes to treasure! We can capture clay impressions or 2D plaster outprints of hand or foot prints at any age but it will depend on the size of the hands and feet as to the number of prints that will fit on a piece.

Both Imprints and Outprints require us to press your baby or child's hand and/or foot into our soft clay which captures the lines and creases beautifully.  This process is completely safe and just takes a couple of minutes to get the prints but we will need time for you to choose the colours you want etc. It's a good idea to look at our gallery below to see the different colours.  For imprints look on the Monkey Colour board where you can pick from the 25 colours.  For outprints you need to decide if you want a white or black background and then a colour - we have a large range of metallic colours to choose from in store.

Please note: we no longer write the baby/child's name directly onto the piece itself. Framed Imprints and Outprints now come with an engraved plaque. The only time we will write directly onto the piece itself is if you have ordered unframed Imprints. 


For Imprints we need to leave the clay to dry naturally and evenly over time before firing, then decorating. Once decorated we then need to glaze and firing again. For 2D casting outprints we pour plaster of Paris into the mould we make from the clay impression, again this needs time to dry completely before we can hand paint and finish it off.


Once complete we mount the Imprint or Outprint and put it in a box frame (unless you want an unframed imprint) and will get in touch to say they are ready. 


Expect the whole process to take 4 - 5 weeks but in busy periods such as the lead up to Christmas it can take longer.


Framed Imprint/Outprint  £75

Unframed Imprint  £55

Baby Imprints & Outprints: Pro Gallery
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