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The cutest thing!

Capture a moment in time and have your baby, toddler or child prints on pottery before your precious little ones grow up. 

A simple baby footprint, handprint or even bumprint looks so cute on a piece of pottery or there is a plethora of things you can turn hand and footprints into such as animals, flowers, fish, hearts, vehicles and around Christmas, Rudolph the reindeer, robins, penguins, Christmas trees, turkeys, Christmas puddings and more. There's also family handprints plates that are popular, in particular our family tree plates.


We have a selection of pottery items too so it doesn't have to be on a standard mug or plate but we have heart hangers, photo frames, vases, plant pots, piggy banks, baubles (believe it or not these are popular all year around), tiles, coasters to name a few and our friendly and trained staff are at hand to get the prints for you.  Our paints are non toxic and completely safe. You can then decorate and personalise the item or if you prefer we can do this for you for an additional fee. To see rough costs, see our price list and see our decorating fees below to get an idea.

The Price of baby prints will be the price of the item plus a £4.50 studio fee as well as an additional decoration fee if you would like us to decorate the piece for you.


These baby impressions on ceramics make fabulous personalised gifts, particularly for Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas. Or why not buy a voucher as the perfect Christening gift or newborn baby gift?

A member of staff doing baby prints on pottery
Valentines Day Prints
Decoration Prices
Decorating Prices for general prints on pottery pieces
Decorating Prices for Bum prints & Animal designs
Decorating Prices for Christmas prints on pottery
Hand, Foot and Bum Prints on Pottery: Service
Decorating fees
Hand, Foot and Bum Prints on Pottery: Pro Gallery
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