For baby groups, nurseries etc

If Crafty Monkey are scheduled to come out to your nursery, baby/toddler group or event to do baby hand and footprints then this is where you pre-order what pottery you want! Please note you cannot pre-order for baby groups coming to our studio.

Simply order the pottery you want online at least 48 hours before the event date - order from range below! It is advisable to order ASAP to secure the items. We will contact you if any are out of stock and offer alternatives if possible.  

There's no need to order paints - we do not charge a studio fee or for paints used when we come to nurseries, baby groups etc.

If you want a different design to the one's offered and we are coming to your group and you will be present you can order a blank piece of pottery.  We will charge an additional fee on the day for the decoration you require. Below are some of the designs we do and have the decorating fee's on to give you an idea.  

Please remember to include the name of venue and date of session under shipping details when you order.

Fathers day prints on pottery personalised gifts.png

Decorating Ideas & Prices

Decorating Prices - General.png
Decorating Prices - Bum prints & Animals.png
Decorating Prices - Christmas.png

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