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For Baby Groups, Nurseries etc

If Crafty Monkey are scheduled to come out to your nursery, baby/toddler group or event to do baby/toddler hand and footprints then this is where you pre-order your pieces!


Please note you cannot pre-order for baby sessions/groups coming to our studio.

It is advisable to order ASAP to secure items (baubles especially!) We will contact you if any are out of stock and offer alternatives.

Once you've pre-ordered we'll bring your pottery to your session and take prints from your baby/toddler - we'll then take them back to our studio for decoration, firing and glazing. When ready we'll let you know they're ready and you can collect from your venue unless other arrangements have been made. 

Decoration will be done as pictured but please bear in mind that decoration may vary depending on what you're having written, colours chosen and which staff member decorates your piece. While we try and keep our writing relatively uniform there are differences as they are all hand written and hand painted.

** If you are unable to make your session you can book to come and do your prints in our studio at another date. If you do not live within 8 miles and want a refund there will be a £2.50 admin fee. **

Order Items Below

Please remember to include the name of venue, date and name of session under shipping details when you order.

At checkout "Bring to Baby Group/Event" only. Please do not pay for postage.

Father's Day Prints