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silverprint necklace pendant jewellery

Precious keepsakes!

Our Silverprint products are a special and unique way to capture your loved one's handprint, footprint, your dog's pawprints or even your child's drawing! We have so many products to choose from including jewellery, keyrings and cufflinks which make a special personalised gift - especially perfect for Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

We can also make them as a keepsake for a loved one who has passed away - all we need is a photograph of their hand or the undertakers can use our special print kits. If you are local then you can come and pick one up from the studio, alternatively they can now be bought from our online shop and sent to you.


Our new system means that you can now order Silver Print items without having to visit us in the studio! Simply take a photo of their hand/foot or a photo of an existing print you have and send to us when you order.


If you are wanting hand prints from a baby it can sometimes be tricky to get their handprints so you can book a session in our studio for below for us to get the prints!

We also have gift cards which can be redeemed against Silver Print and can be bought from our online shop. They make great collective baby shower gifts and presents for new mums.

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