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Easter Egg Alternatives

Easter pottery of chicks and bunnies ready to be painted

With Easter just around the corner (I know, still feels like January right? but honestly it's super close now. There's never been a better time to join us for a pottery painting eggs-travaganza (gotta love a pun!)

two ceramic Easter eggs painted in a delicate pastel pallette

Not everyone can enjoy or wants to eat chocolate at Easter so it's always fun to look for an alternative gift or experience. Picture this: you and your crew gathered around a table, surrounded by an array of Easter-themed pottery pieces just waiting to be transformed (of course it could be any pottery). From adorable bunnies and colourful eggs to sweet lambs, delicate flowers, and meaningful crosses, our selection of Easter-inspired pieces is sure to ignite your imagination. Whether it's a ceramic egg filled with succulents or an Easter bunny ornament adorning your shelf, each piece adds a touch of character to your home.

Here's a small selection of some of our Easter themed pieces just waiting to be painted either in our studio or they can be purchased as a 'Take Out' kit to paint at home either with our underglazes or with your own acrylic paint. These make gret Easter gifts as an alternative to a choccie egg especially for little ones.

(oh just a sidenote though... the products below are just to show you some of our collection - please only hit the buy now button if you are purchasing as a take out kit. If you are painting in the studio you choose and pay for your piece on the day)

Book your studio session now

Of course you don't have to paint Easter pieces, anything can be made Eastery especially if you you have little hand or footprints for their first Easter. Whether you're a seasoned painter or a total beginner, there's a piece of pottery with your name on it. Trust us, you'll be amazed at what you can create with a little bit of paint and a whole lot of imagination. See you in the studio!

oh and here is a little gallery of images to give you some ideas on what you could paint and how it could look...

But hang on, why are we talking about bunnies, shouldn't it be chickens? And what’s with the eggs? Why are we encouraging you to paint these things? let's take a quick moment to explore the history behind some of Easter's most iconic symbols:

Baby footprints turned into cute Easter bunnies as a memory keepsake for 1st Easter

The Easter Bunny can be traced back to acnient folklore particularly in Germanic cultures. Originally it wasn't a bunny though, but instead a hare. Hares were used to symbolise fertility and new life... which links them to the rabbit and the expression about their mating practises and in Christianity the hare is a representation of the resurrection of Christ and the promise of new beginnings.

How cute are those little bunny footprints? This was created a couple of years ago now but I think we can all agree how stinking cute it is! Check out more bunny footprints here.

These days however it is not a hare that delivers our chocolatey treats on Easter Sunday but instead a cute little bunny rabbit that is often tweaked with artistic license to be anthopomorphic, carrying a basket on one arm and maybe a pink satin ribbon adorned around his neck. This image is largely fuelled by advertising but hey, what's not to love about a cute bunny especially one that delivers those yummies!

delicios looking flatlay of chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies

Chocolate Eggs: Just like hares and rabbits, the egg has long been associated with Springtime festivals for symbolising new life. Traditionally eggs were decorated and exchanged at family gatherings and festivals. That all makes sense but do you ever wonder why chocolate eggs are a staple of Easter celebrations? This tradition dates back to the early 19th century when European confectioners began crafting chocolate eggs as a sweet treat for the holiday and some may say that this was the start to the commercialisation of the holiday although a choccy egg is something many people look forward to receiving so it's not all bad!


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