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All ages, all abilities!

There are all sorts of reasons for painting pottery, from one-off personalised gifts and celebration plates for special occasions, to learning to be more creative or simply because you want to entertain the kids or relax and have fun.  We now offer paint at home pottery painting kits in our online shop for those that prefer to paint at home - great for parties at home or a girls night in with a bottle of vino or two.  Or you can come along to our studio, pick a blank piece of pottery from an extensive range (there's something for everyone from children’s ornaments to cake stands, along with the usual mugs, plates etc) and paint ‘til your heart’s content! It's as easy as 1...2...3...

1) Choose an item from our extensive range of functional and decorative unpainted pottery (bisque). Be it a mug, bowl, plate, cupcakes, money box or one of our many figurines.  There's something for all ages and our mermaids, unicorns, fairies, dinosaurs, princesses and cats and dogs are particularly popular amount the younger generation. Prices of pottery start at £6 with most items between £10 and £20. There is a £4.50 studio fee for the session which covers use of paints and glazing and firing of the item.

2) Everything you will need to paint your piece will be provided. Select your colours and then get ready to let your imagination wander and unleash your inner artist to create your very own masterpiece! You will find plenty of inspiration and our friendly and helpful staff are always on-hand to offer advice and guidance should you need it.

3) After you have finished you will need to leave your item behind so it can be glazed and fired. If it is inconvenient for you to come back to pick it up you can arrange for your item to be posted to you for an extra fee. 


Cost of the item plus a £4.50 studio fee per painter.  We have hundreds of items but to get an idea of prices pop to our online shop - please note we haven't listed everything we have online. Also if you prefer to paint at home then you

Kids parties (minimum 8) from £15 inclusive of studio fee.

Postage: parcels under 16cm high are £4 and larger parcels start from £6.

We also run workshops for both kids and adults throughout the year - these can be found on our Workshops Page!

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