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Build a Bear Outfits & Kits

Below is a selection of the build a bear kits and outfits we sell online (we have more in our studio) if you want to do the activity at home.  These are popular for people who want to run their parties at home and we can post nationwide.


All our build a bear/animal skins are no sew and come with stuffing, a wish heart, a t-shirt to decorate, an adoption certificate and instructions to make your own teddy bear. 


We also sell a wide range of clothing and outfits for your new cuddly friend. Check out our collection of super cute 8inch and 16inch build a bear - or any teddy bear they will fit - outfits!  They are sure to turn heads!  Grab one today to have the best-dressed ted in town!


Build a bear is popular to celebrate a special occasion or as a birthday party activity.

Magic Food

You will get plenty of magic food (stuffing) to feed your animal so they become big, strong and cuddly!

Stuffing for build a bear

Wish Heart

You also get a wish heart so you can make a wish and insert the heart inside your new furry friend.

Four hearts with messages on to put in a build a bear


Next you'll want to decorate and personalise a t-shirt for your new friend.

Palin white t-shirt for bulid-a-bear

Adoption Certificate

It's important you fill in the adoption certificate so it's official that your new furry friend is yours!

Build a bear certificate
Use the filter bar to sort by size and bear skins or outfits
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