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Basket full of Build a Bear animal skins

Build a Bear with our make your own teddy bear workshop!

Come and make your own teddy bear to adopt. In fact we don't stop at teddy bears but have a wide variety of super cute animals be it a cat, dog, bunny, unicorn, dinosaur, zebra...the list goes on!

Simply choose an animal skin and bring your new furry friend to life by filling it up with our magic food (stuffing).  Next you get to make a wish on a wish star or heart before designing your animal their very own t-shirt using fabric pens. Now comes the serious stuff...before we can let you skip off into the sunset to have lots of adventures, you need to fill out the adoption certificate and promise to love and look after your new best furry friend.

Our animals are waiting for a loving home so book your build a bear experience today!

It's a great treat for your young ones and our Teddy Bear Making Parties are a fun way to celebrate your child's birthday!  They are particularly popular for 3 to 10 year olds but any age over 3 can do it!

Parties can be held in our studio or we can make up a take away party kit for you to have the party at home or at a venue of your choice. The kit includes everything you need to make your new friend, plus full instructions. These are also great as a special treat for a sleepover.


We also sell a range of clothing, shoes and accessories for girl and boy cuddly toys!   



Small build a bear experience £16

Large build a bear experience £21

Small outfits £11

Large Outfits £13

Shoes from £7

Build a Bear Party Packages (minimum 8) from £15

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Build a Bear: Pro Gallery
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