Cost of the item plus a £4 studio fee per painter.

We have hundreds of items of pottery and it would be impossible to list them all but here's a few prices to give you a rough idea or pop over to our online shop to see the prices of items:

Coasters, Egg cups, heart hangers from £6

Mugs (we have a large selection) from £11

Side plates from £13

Dinner plates from £19

Photo frames from £14

Plant pots from £14

Vases from £20

Baubles from £8

Money banks from £14

Figurines from £7 to £16 - we have a massive selection of popular items including fairies, dinosaurs, mermaids, unicorns, princesses, cars, cats, dogs and everything inbetween!

The price for foam clay is the same as pottery. Please note items that have been 'foam clayed' cannot be used for food and drink.

Our small bear experience is £15, large bear experience is £20 with outfits for small bears £10, large bears £12 and shoes for large bears are £6.

The price is the same as pottery painting if you are going to decorate the pieces after we have done the prints. If you want us to decorate then it's an extra £3 per piece for simple writing and decoration.

Imprints and outprints are £75 framed or £55 for unframed imprints. Please note we do not do unframed outprints.

See our silverprint catalogue for prices.

Kids parties start from £14 a head for pottery, foam clay and build a bear. This is based on a minimum number of 8 attendees. Party food per head is £4 (optional).

Adults parties/hen do's etc are the price of the pottery plus the £4 studio fee.

Opening fee: If your party is outside our opening hours then there is a £30 opening charge for the first two hours then £15 an hour thereafter.

We charge £15 per hour for our commission pieces plus the cost of the pottery item. Contact us for a quote.

Our gift vouchers do not come in denominations making it easier for you to specify the amount you want to spend. Although if you want to buy a gift voucher online then they are in denominations.