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It can be difficult to choose the perfect gift to express your adoration for the one who holds your heart. We're sure  shop windows on your local high street are bursting full of chocolates, fizzy wine and teddy bears; but have you grown tired of ploughing through a large selection of, what is essentially a limited variety of ideas?


It's lucky that we're at hand to help you. What we like about our studio, is that it's our customers that fill each blank piece of pottery with life, vibrancy and love. And Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to choose a plain item and adorn it with a creation that comes straight from your very own lovely heart.


If you decide that you'd like to paint a personalised piece of pottery for the love of your life, then book a pottery painting session. The great thing about deciding that you want to make a gift is that you will never leave the studio having not found anything to suit the recipient...if you have an idea of how you'd like to creatively express your sentiments, then we have a suitable piece of plain pottery with your name on it!


Ever popular (at all times of the year), are our hanging heart plaques and plates, closely followed by heart money boxes, trinket pots and ornaments. But if you'd rather steer away from the obvious symbol of love, then the rest of the stock is ready and waiting for you to do what you will with it!


We've seen a huge amount of excellent romantic ideas pass through our studio over the last few years- some pieces with poetry or special song lyrics beautifully written on them, his and hers mugs, plates with caricatures on and even some slightly saucy words on a tile! Many people come in to find something relating to their partner's hobby or favourite animal or something that relates to that special 'private joke'.

Or perhaps just book a session to come in and paint together on or around Valentines Day.

And don't forget we can make silverprint jewellery too of your handprint.

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