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3D Casting - COMING SOON!

We are going to be embarking on a new adventure to bring you beautiful 3D castings of your baby's tiny hands and feet. Our 3D casts will be able to pick up high levels of detail, meaning you'll be able to see all of their little lines and creases. All casts will be framed by us and complete with an engraved plaque with your baby's name and age.

We will be updating this page once we are fully up and running, in the meantime if you would like to be emailed when we're ready for customers please pop your email in the form below:

If you are looking to capture your baby's hands and feet sooner then make sure to have a look at our Imprints and 2D Castings as well as our Prints on Pottery - all of which are beautiful ways to immortalise their little hands and feet.

*Please note that these images are for example purposes only and will be replaced once we have our own samples. Crafty Monkey 3D casts may differ from the ones pictured, for instance colours and frames may be different.

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