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Workshops for Home Schooled Children

Here at Crafty Monkey we believe that Arts and Crafts are extremely important in the enrichment of our children's learning. Whether that be painting, drawing or clay building, arts and crafts lets their imagination go wild as they explore the endless possibilities that creating allows. It supports their development and critical thinking, encourages self-expression and builds their confidence as well as their sense of individuality. We think we can all agree that these are all important things for children to learn which is why we have just launched a new collection of workshops especially for Home Schooled children.

We hope that our workshops will encourage and support their creative learning and development whilst also offering a place to have fun with other children and make new friends. In our workshops your child/children will explore a broad range of fun approaches aimed at teaching them something new whilst being creative, including pottery painting techniques, decoupage ideas and clay building projects.

It also give parents/carers the opportunity to have an hour and a half to themselves to have a well earned coffee in one of our local coffee shops!

We are currently taking a break from Home Schooler Workshops - please check back in soon or get in touch if you have a group that would be interested!

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