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Crafty Monkey launch Eco Conscious Plate Painting Competition – Open to All!

Crafty Monkey has launched an engaging plate painting competition designed to get us thinking and discussing current environmental issues. The competition, which is free to enter, is asking everyone, young and old, of any artistic ability, to design a plate with the theme ‘Save our Planet’. There will be a winner from each age group and with pottery painting becoming increasingly popular with teenagers and adults Crafty Monkey are hoping to see lots of creative designs from all the oldies out there as well – having fun isn’t just for kids! The winners will get to paint their plate in the Crafty Monkey Studio on Moores Walk, St Neots.

With environmental issues in the headlines every day and global warming becoming an ever-increasing worry in this world, communities and businesses are pulling together to become more eco-friendly. Crafty Monkey is particularly aware of current environmental issues and strives to do all it can to reduce waste by reusing packaging and materials where possible. Crafty Monkey owner Chrissy Bennett states how she has become increasingly concerned about environmental issues and hopes that this competition will encourage people of all ages to consider ways they can help and get others being active in the bettering of our environment.

In the Crafty Monkey Studio, when customers collect their painted pottery, items are often wrapped in reused bubble wrap and Chrissy has even been known to compost some of the boxes that new stock comes in – however the business would also be keen to hear from local businesses that are in need of packaging for the postage of orders or similar! Crafty Monkey isn’t the only business changing how it operates and moving towards more eco friendly ways of functioning and the rise of Refill shops such as The Refill Shop in Eynesbury is brilliant to see. It may take a bit of time for people to adjust the way they do everyday things, such as the weekly food shop, but it is gradually becoming easier and more accessible to be more eco conscious in our everyday lives.

To enter the competition, you can find the Crafty Monkey team at the St Neots Rugby Club Street Food Festival on the 12th of September and Pirates in the Park at St Neots Regatta Meadow on the 19th of September. Alternatively, you can enter online at Get those brilliant environmentally conscious plate entries in!


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