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Cheeky Bum Prints!

We've all heard of hand and footprints and here at Crafty Monkey they're extremely popular with all of our fabulous designs and ideas, but recently there's been a revival of bum prints! Yes, we know, it's slightly unconventional and definitely a bit cheeky but they are oh so cute!

While we've been doing bum prints since we opened over 11 years ago, it's only in the last few years that they've become more popular. If you're looking to make some pottery as a keepsake of when your little one was small but want something slightly different and with a little bit of humour on the side then our bum print designs are perfect for you!

We have an array of different designs from the more traditional naked bum print with the slogans 'Cheeky boy' or girl, 'Does my bum look big in this', 'Love you to the MOON and back', 'There's no BUTTS about it but you're the best nanny/daddy/mummy etc' to turning their cheeky bottoms into peaches, ladybirds, butterflies, elephants and even more seasonal items such as Bum'pkin, Christmas puddings (or Christm'arse' puds for the very cheeky). Our latest popular design is the beach bum plate that goes perfectly with these summer months.

You may be wondering if we've ever had any accidents while getting prints! Yes, plenty so don't worry we're well equipped to deal with it and we take it in our stride. We do draw the line though at adult bum prints though - could you imagine!

Comment any puns that would go well with our bum prints or ideas of what we could turn bum prints into that haven't been mentioned as we're always keen to try out new things!

Or if you would like to get a keepsake that will provide a talking point and you can bring out when your baby grows up and brings home their first girl or boyfriend home then book in your session!


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