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If pre-ordering for prints to be done at a baby group you don't need to purchase paint.

This is a great tool to enable you to write on your pottery or you can use it to outline, draw, doodle and decorate your piece. The writer/detailer has a  metal tip and cap or you can use a pin in the top to prevent clogging.


It will come with black paint which will go a long way.  If you prefer another colour then select it below.  Please be aware that lighter colours may not show up too well, however if you make a mistake it's easier to get them off.  Dark colours can be hard to remove.


If you don't feel confident about using one then you can select the option for us to do the writing for you instead.

Writing and Detailing Pen

  • To use writer pens, firstly remove the rubber top from the nib - you may wish to remove this altogether and use a pin instead. The top or pin prevents your pen from blocking up and drying out.  If writing directly onto the bare pottery, it's advisable to write or draw your design with felt pen or biro first as a guide to write over (felt/pen disappears in the kiln) or if you're brave you can free hand and go straight in with the writer pen!  Make sure the pen is upside down and the underglaze paint has reached the nib. Apply a small amount of pressure to the bottle when using (it's best to have a practice on a piece of card to get the hang of it first.) Also if using it over paint then it's best to let the paint completely dry (overnight is best) before you start writing.  You may find the nib clogs up when writing over paint and you will need to use a pin to unclog it. Replace the rubber top or pin after use and allow your piece to dry.  If you make a mistake then wait for the pen to completely dry and you can then try and sand it off.  Black and dark colours can leave quite a stain though and can be difficult to remove so if you can live with the mistake it may be better to not try and redo it.

    It's important the writer pens are stored in an upright position.

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