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If you're ordering for prints to be done at a baby group you don't need paint.

This is specialist underglaze paint designed to be used on bisque only - our pottery. The colours come in 1oz recyclable pots (5cm x 2.5cm) and unless you are covering a large item in one colour you should find it goes a long way and can be used for other pieces. I'm afraid it's not cheap and we are not making money on the sale of the underglazes. 


When you paint it on it drys to a dusty pastel colour. Once we overglaze and fire it your piece will come out shiny and a more vibrant colour. One coat of paint gives you a translucent effect and 2 to 3 coats of colour for opaque coverage.


To order your colours, see our colour plate and select how many and which colours you want (please put the number that corresponds to the colour you want) seperated by commas.  If you are planning on painting a large area you may want to get 2-3 pots of the same colour in which case your selection would look like: 19, 19, 4, 3, 11.   If ordering a few small pieces of pottery you may find that you only need one set of paints - will depend on size of pieces and design but for small decorations the paint will go a long way. Also remember you don't have to cover all the piece as the unpainted bits will still come out a nice and shiny creamy white colour after firing.


Please refrain in using any other types of paints or glitters on your pottery if you want them fired as it could end in tears. However, if you don't want it firing then you could use acrylic paints on the pottery.


The colours with a paw print on are the colours suitable for hand and footprints.

Underglaze Paint Packages for Pottery Painting

PriceFrom £1.50
  • Our underglazes are non-hazardous water based mixtures of ceramic material containing nonleaded frits, clay and other minerals and color pigments.

    Once fired the pieces will be foodsafe but we advise not to use in the oven, dishwasher or in the freezer.

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