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Top Ten Reasons why Pottery Painting is a Perfect Family Activity

Pottery painting is a great activity for family time and has something to offer for every member of the family. We have put together our top ten favourite reasons why we love pottery painting and how it can help in many aspects of family life.

A grandmother spending quality time with her grandchild while he paints a gnome at a pottery painting studio

1. Pottery painting is great for quality family time: It’s a relaxing activity in the company of others, and it’s perfect for catching up with your loved ones. The activity allows you to have time to unwind together, it also is a great way to engage with your children, allowing you to deepen your connections by asking about and discussing their pieces.

A plate that is being painted, the background is rainbow and a hand is painting zebra stripes over the top.

2. Painting is key to a child’s education; it engages them in multisensory activities which can help the development of their communication and vocabulary skills. It lets them express their emotions, explore colour, processes, and outcomes. Responding and encouraging your children’s painting is also important, it allows your child space to talk openly about their emotions and thought processes.

A sweets jar that is being painted with a jungle book theme.

3. It allows you to express yourself: Pottery painting allows you and your family to express themselves in new and unusual ways. It also is a great way to boost your confidence and self-accomplishment, being able to see something through from start to finish can be valuable in improving your appreciation of yourself.

There are 6 pottery pieces on some pink tissue paper. There is a fairy, a plain mug, a monstera leaf plant pot, a racing car, a unicorn and a small penguin and they are all plain bisque.

4. There’s something for everyone: Ceramics come in many forms, mugs, plates, figurines, money banks and vases so no matter how old you are, who you are or what you like there is a piece made for you. You can browse our pieces online.

A plate with four handprints on, 2 that are adults handprints one that is a childs handprint and one that is a baby's handprint. These handprints act as the leaves on the tree that has been painted.

5. Celebrating special times: Pottery painting allows you to create beautiful pieces to remember all your special moments, hand and footprints are brilliant keepsakes as to are family tree plates or family prints on pottery.

A hand is painting a plate with evil eyes on it.

6. Relaxing: Pottery painting can be a great way to practice mindfulness. Being in a relaxing environment can help improve your well being and takes you away from the stress of everyday life. The calmness of the activity lets your brain wind down and allows you to have a calm state of mind. Doctors recommend this as an activity to help with anxiety and depression. View our blog post on 'Creative Activities for your Mental Health'.

Two jugs next to eachother, one has flowers that look similar to lavender on and the other has oranges and limes painted on it.

7. A break from technology: This is the perfect opportunity to take a break away from screens, a few hours away from them can help your brain refocus and think clearer, it also gives your eyes a break and has noticeable effects on your physical health.

A picture of a pottery painting studio, on the left front there is a range of pottery to choose from on shelves. on tyhe right is the shop counter and in the middle you can see tables in the background.

8. Indoor activity: Pottery painting is a great activity to do indoors, perfect for any time of the year! If it’s raining outside, it’s a good place to take the family to wind down or if the sun is shining its an activity that allows you a break away from the heat. It’s the perfect indoor activity for every member of the family.

Personalised square wedding plate commission hand painted with pale green hues foliage as decoration with script calligraphy writing of the bride and grooms name in the center with date of marriage below.

9. Makes great personalised gifts: Not only do you get all the above benefits of pottery painting but it’s a great way to make personalised and thoughtful gifts for family and friends. You can paint your own designs to great bespoke pieces for birthdays, weddings, and christenings or the kids can paint Nanny and Grandad something. Not only do you get the satisfaction of creating something, but gifts people have created are so much more meaningful than items you can buy in a shop.

A picture of a takeout kit. there are paints on tyhe left, leaflets, a pottery painting instructions print out and a thank you slip in the piddle and pottery pieces that are wrapped in bubble wrap in the top right.

10. Can be done anywhere: Why not try it at home? Pottery painting doesn’t have to be done in the studio; you can order take out kits so you can paint in your own time at home or maybe at family gatherings. It’s a quick and easy process to do online, you just pick your pieces and colours then collect them from the studio. You then have as much time as you need to paint them. Once you’re finished just drop them back to the studio for glazing and firing, and we'll let you know when they're ready to collect!

If you're now thinking you want to get creative with some pottery painting then there are hundreds of pottery painting studios dotted all over the UK - they're often hidden secrets so do a google search to find one close to you or if you live near St. Neots, Cambridgeshire then book a session with us to discover what you've been missing! Or if you want to try something a little different we also have Build a Bear as well as occasional Pottery Classes!

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