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Creative Activities for your Mental Health.

Hand painted mug with encouraging message at the bottom.
An encouraging message at the bottom of your morning cuppa!

May is Mental Health Awareness month and with constant pressures from work and the general state of the world, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Which is why it's more important than ever to take time out from the everyday and do something for you - and no, we don't mean have a scroll on your phone! Put that screen down and give your brain a break. Creative activities for mental health are a great way to wind down and take some time out from the busy world around us.

Being creative can be daunting, we totally understand, but we promise you that you don't need to be good to reap the benefits of stretching your creative muscles! If you're feeling like you don't know where to start how about a colouring book or a paint by numbers? The great thing about these is you don't have to think too much and can just be absorbed in the activity itself. We have lots of customers visiting us that are unsure where to start so they opt for a piece with a design already on it so they have something to follow. It's a great way to ease yourself into creating without feeling overwhelmed!

Colourful geometric vase.
A funky vase painted by one of our customers!

There are also plenty of techniques that you can opt for if you want something simple but that will look great. Art isn't just an activity for the 'talented'. We've said it before - and we'll say it again - simple designs made using intuition, patterns, splodges and splatters are often the most eye catching! There are plenty of artists that have made lots of money just throwing paint at a canvas ;) Take a look at this colourful vase painted with geometric patterns - simple but extremely effective. These designs also allow you to connect with the process rather than worrying about the outcome. What's the point in taking time out to be creative if you're going to be worried about the end result? We think you should enjoy painting and not worry too much about the finished piece.

Two people Pottery Painting.
Two of our lovely customers on one of our Adult's Evenings.

Being creative is also a great way to

connect with others, there are plenty of groups where you can come together and paint, sew, crochet and much much more. In an age where we're always messaging each other via Facebook and not meeting up in person as much as we'd like, having an excuse to get together is a great idea. Covid and lockdown has also affected many of us and our social batteries, so having an activity to do whilst socialising can make the art of connecting with others that little bit easier.

Studies have shown that getting creative can support emotional growth, memory, regulation of emotions, and much more! Many therapists even use it in treatment or specialise in art therapy due to the positive effects it has on our well-being. You may like to skip the therapy prices however and opt to do something at home, with a local group or you could even treat yourself to some Pottery Painting <3


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