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The Crafty Monkey Blog

Hello world!

Finally, finally, finally, I put fingers to keyboard in an attempt to become a blogger!  Just need to find or rather make the time now to blog, that’s after I work out this wordpress thing!

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Chrissy and I started Crafty Monkey Pottery Painting and Craft Studio in July 2010 in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire.  We offer an array of activities such as pottery painting, build a bear, hand and footprints, silver print jewellery, decopatch (decoupage), jewellery making courses, sewing classes and more.  We are also a great party venue for either kids or adults


So far, Crafty Monkey seems to be going down well with the locals and word is finally getting around. There’s so much fun to be had at the studio and we are also mobile and can come to you.  Crafty Monkey is not just for kids but adults too.

My blogs will mainly be about all the different activities we offer at Crafty Monkey as well as craft projects, workshops and latest news.  They are likely going to appeal to people interested in crafts, painting, art but also to parents looking for new ways to entertain the kids or perhaps you are a group and would like to come and try out what we have on offer.

I will keep this short n sweet as just wanted to introduce myself but hope to get into regular blogging – there’s always so much to blog about just not enough hours in the day!

Until next time…

Chrissy the Crafty Monkey!


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