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Our Favourite Personalised Father's Day Baby Hand and Footprint Gifts

Here at Crafty Monkey we are gearing up for another busy Father's Day period, so we thought we'd share with you some of our favourite and most popular baby hand, foot and even bum print designs that make brilliant personalised gifts this Father's Day for Dads, Grandads and other Father figures!

Our hand and footprint designs are also suitable for toddlers and older children too, not just for bubbas. During your print session our staff will help you to choose the best piece of pottery that will work for the size and the design.

No Butts about it, You're the Best!

Cute little baby bottom print which reads no butts about it you're the best

For the less conventional dad's we have the always brilliant and always cheeky bum print! We love this punny bumprint design, you could make it even more personal by adding "you're the best Daddy" and little one's name and change the funky dots to Dad's favourite colours!

We have lots of other bum print designs too!

Handprints that look like flames on a BBQ grill

Daddy's BBQ Plate

Our handprint BBQ plate is by far a favourite with our customers - we make this design all year round because it makes a brilliant birthday gift and Christmas gift aswell!

We can make this with multiple hand prints from the same kiddiwink or if you have multiple children we can include all of their handprints which makes it a great option!

Baby footprints that look like rockets to the moon

To the Moon and Back

Here's a super cute idea to express your love for Dad - little one's feet transformed into rockets! We have a bunch of colours to choose from, then you can choose any decoration you fancy to make this prezzie really stand out!

a child's handprint that has been turned into Daddy's little cookie monster

Daddy's little Cookie Monster!

Got a foodie on your hands, a cookie lover or just a little monster? Our Cookie Monster plate is the perfect gift this year.

Finish the design off with the baby or child's name to make the perfect personalised gift for Dad to dish up on!

A simple childn's handprint

Keep it Simple

For the Dads who like to keep it straightforward! Sometimes all you need to make a stunning gift is a simple hand and/or foot. Choose any colour(s) Dad would like, let us know what writing and decoration to add to your prints, and voila! A simple yet thoughtful gift for Dad this Father's Day.

A child's footprint has been tuened into a dinosaur on a mug

Daddy, You're ROARsome!

What's not to love about these dino-mite designs? These are super cute as a gift for Dad or Grandad, and adding a custom message on the back such as "Daddy, you're 'roar'some! Happy Father's Day xx" makes for an unbeatable gift!

This is just a very small selection of some of the Father's Day baby hand and footprint personalised gifts that we offer on a select few pieces - We have many more pieces that you can choose from during your visit in the studio (bookings only). To make your unique personalised gift book a print session with us at a time to suit you and our friendly staff will help and guide you through the process. Please book in as early as you can as we do get very busy at this popular time of year.

We don't want to overwhelm you but if you'd like to see even more designs or none of these quite grab you why not have a look at our hand and foot print Pinterest board to see some of our other designs or our bum print Pinterest board. Don't forget to follow us on Pinterest or our other social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram as we regular post ideas.

Don't forget to come back and see us to make your Christmas keepsakes too - handprints on Christmas baubles are a beautiful gift and something you can look at year after year. (oh and just to let you know, you can book your slot for those now to get ahead of the rush and panic).

Father's Day baby hand and footprint personalised gifts

Father's Day baby hand and footprint personalised gifts

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