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Top Ten Baby Print Christmas Gifts!

Baby prints make great Christmas gifts for loved ones, they're a great keepsake to keep for years to remember how tiny your little ones hands and feet were. But with so many adorable designs, it can be hard to choose which one to go for! That's why we have come up with a top ten list to help you decide which one to choose! So starting with number 10...

10. Santa/Father Christmas Handprint

What's more Christmassy than Santa! This is one of our handprint designs and looks adorable on pottery such as coasters. Why not make a coaster with this design on to put Santa's milk on for Christmas eve!

A coaster with a 20 month old baby's handprint on. The handprint has been painted to look like santa.

9. Penguin Footprint

Another Christmas favourite is our penguin footprint design! This playful print looks adorable on a plate to put on show each year round.

A star plate with 2 footprints that have been turned into penguins.

8. Christmas Pudding Bumprint

For the less conventional parents we have the Cheeky, Christmas pudding bumprint plate. This design is perfect for the foodie of the family to dish out desert on Christmas day.

A babys bumprint that has been turned into a christmas pudding. The words 'Nana's little pudding' are written beneath the print.

7. Snowman Footprint

What's not to love about this snowman footprint design! This design is perfect for a bauble to hang on the tree.

A bauble with a footprint that has been turned into a snowman on it.

6. Christmas Tree Hand/Footprint

This Christmas tree design can be done as a handprint or a footprint! This design is perfect for the family member who loves decorating their house head to toe in the Christmas season!

Two baubles one with a footprint turned into a christmas tree and the other with a handprint turned into a christmas tree.

5. Gingerbread Man Footprint

The gingerbread man footprint design is a great option for the sweet tooth of the family! This design looks adorable on a mug and makes the perfect tea mug to dip some gingerbread in!

A footprint on a mug that has been turned into a gingerbread man.

4. Simple Hand/Footprint

Why not keep it simple? This simple handprint design makes an adorable Christmas gift for any member of the family and is so versatile as you can choose whichever colour combination you want! Why not put it on a plate or coaster so that it can be used all year round.

A blue handprint on a flat bauble. Around the edge of the bauble is the wording 'Oliver's First Christmas'

3. Robin Hand/Footprint

This is by far one of our most popular handprint designs around the Christmas season! These little robins look adorable on baubles and are the perfect gift for the bird lovers in the family!

two baubles, one with a handprint turned into a robin and the other with a footprint turned into a robin

2. Mistletoes Footprints

This footprint design is an adorable way to remember the size of your little ones feet! This simplistic looking design looks adorable on plates, mugs and baubles and your loved ones are sure to treasure it.

Two green footprints on a bauble. The footprints are joined at the heel and a red bow has been painted to make them look like mistletoe. The words 'little mistletoes' have been written around the prints.

1. Rudolph Hand/Footprint

Its not Christmas without Rudolph! We have Rudolph designs for both hand and footprints, and it's by far our most popular design of the season. This adorable design is perfect for a bauble to keep for years to come.

A heart coaster with a handprint turned into rudolph and a bauble with a footprint turned into rudolph.

Or why not get a memento for yourself to keep!

This treats for Santa and Rudolph plate is the perfect memento to get out for Christmas every year!

So now we've given you the Christmas baby print options why not book as session to come and do some prints!

Maybe prints on pottery isn't your style, why not check out some of our other gift options such as silverprint jewellery, Gift vouchers or create your own gift in a pottery painting session.

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