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craftABILITY – Art & Craft Workshops for Adults with Learning Difficulties

Crafty Monkey is very very excited to finally announce the birth of it’s new baby:

Craftability – An arts and crafts programme of workshops for adults with learning difficulties

It’s been a long time coming and we hope it was worth the wait!  Crafty Monkey is all about focusing on what you CAN do rather than on what you can’t, about enabling rather than disabling and we want to make our workshops ‘Learning Easy’ rather than ‘Learning Difficulties’.

pottery painting

We have put together a series of workshops designed to be both fun and educational, covering a range of different mediums and techniques that are suited to people with learning difficulties.  The workshops will be run in term time in small groups and are instructor led and the techniques will first be demonstrated.  Help and guidance will be at hand.

Art and Crafts offers an ideal opportunity for self expression and can be extremely therapeutic and nurturing. Arts and Crafts also encourages creative thinking, helps develop fine motor skills, reduces stress and offers a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Having a finished product can help build a person’s confidence in their ability and enhance self esteem.

Crafting is a haven to let your imagination run wild and when self-expression is the goal, success is guaranteed, and art is an excellent way to express feelings that might be difficult to put into words.

With our craft workshops, there is no such thing as right or wrong. It’s the making of the item and not the end result, that is important. And everyone will come away with their very own masterpiece.

Our workshops will not only encourage people’s creative streaks but they will also be great opportunities to socialise and meet new friends. Spaces on the workshops will be limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. For Further Information contact Chrissy on 01480 219222 or

Craftability – Workshops 2011

Friday 10th June 1pm to 2.30pm – Father’s Day Change Bowls: Does your dad or grandad leave their car keys and loose change all over the place? Well, come and paint dad a change bowl for Father’s Day! £10 all materials included. Items will need to be collected a week later.

Friday 8th July 1pm to 2.30pm – Decopatch Workshop: Come and join in with this fun workshop where you will be applying funky colourful papers with glue to a small boxes. £7

Friday 22nd July 1pm to 2.30pm – Sponging Plates: During this fun workshop you will learn the technique of sponging – a way to apply paint without a paint brush and create an effective design on a plate. £12. Items will be ready a week later as we need to fire and glaze them.

Friday 9th September – Fingerprint Painting: Together we will be painting a picture onto a mug with our fingerprints! Lots of fun and very effective. £12 including all materials. Items will be ready a week later as we need to fire and glaze them.

Friday 30th September 1pm to 2.30pm – Glass Decorating Workshop: During this fun workshop you will decorate a glass object with beautiful brightly coloured glass gels and pens. Price £7.

Friday 21st October 1pm to 2.30pm – Autumn Leaf Tile: Come and learn the technique of ‘scratching out’ an autumn design on a tile to create an effective finish. The tile’s make perfect coasters. Price £7.

Friday 4th November 1pm to 2.30pm – Guy Fawkes on Canvas: Create your very own sparkly fireworks display on canvas! Price £7.

Friday 25th November 1pm to 2.30pm – Christmas Decorations: Paint your very own pottery bauble to take pride of place on your Christmas tree. Price £9, all materials included.

Friday 16th December 1pm to 2pm – Build a Bear Workshop: You are never too old to love teddy bears. Come and join in the fun making and adopting your very old cuddly friend from the Crafty Monkey Animal Sanctuary. During this workshop you will pick, stuff and personalise a t-shirt for your furry friend before the important bit of making a birth certificate and the official adoption ceremony! £10 per person, all materials included.

All workshops need booking and paying for in advance. Bookings can be made either on our website using paypal, over the phone using a credit card or by visiting the studio. Depending on numbers we are happy for support workers to book onto our workshops too after all the benefits of art and crafts mentioned above apply to everyone!

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions.  Is there any workshops you would like to see?  Any comments for feedback gratefully received.


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