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Adult Nights - Pottery Painting is not just for Kids!

Pottery Painting often gets a rep for being just for children, but it's not! As an activity Pottery Painting is perfect for all ages and abilities and we've had some brilliantly painted pieces by teenagers, adults and older ladies and gentlemen recently! It's true that when we get older we lose a bit of that spontaneous creativity that comes so naturally to children - which is why it's so important to flex those creative muscles every now and then! Even if you think you're not very creative or supposedly "good at art" (whatever that means) the point is that you're having a go! It can be a bit of a challenge to let go of that perfect image in our heads of what we want to create, but it's an art in itself to let go of perfection and focus purely on enjoying the process of making something.

What you define as successful and good changes all the time and depends on your own creative abilities, so you can't really go wrong; especially with pottery painting! Take a break from the everyday and let yourself have some fun. Crafty Monkey is all about encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get down and dirty with the paints and the pottery which is whyyyyy .... exciting announcement alert! We've brought back our brilliant #AdultNights!

Take a night off from the kids and get yourselves in the studio for some arty, crafty fun - you deserve it. Whether you want some quality time with the other half on an all important date night or want to let loose with some friends, it's the perfect activity for having a natter whilst getting arty. Feel free to bring a bottle of wine to help get the creative juices flowing! (We ask you also bring drinking vessels as we can no longer provide these)

To see availability and to book in for our adults nights, select the Adults Night option on our booking page.

If we've still not filled you with enough encouragement and are feeling like you need a bit more inspiration then take a look at these fantastic recent designs below or head to our socials to view even more!


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