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New Click and Collect Service at Crafty Monkey!

To adapt to these uncertain times, open one minute, closed the next, we have been working hard to offer paint at home kits so you can recreate your Crafty Monkey experience from the comfort of your home while getting the same high standard of glazed and fired product. We have deliberated about whether we should offer a click and collect service as our priority is to operate safely and act responsibly during this pandemic. We know a lot of people like to paint their Christmas gifts and tree decorations in November and let's face it 'Lockdown 2' is not as fun as 'Lockdown 1' as the weather can limit our activities to indoors so pottery painting could provide the perfect treat, boredom buster or relaxation we all need. It's also a great activity for the kids of course and to stop them from bouncing off the walls!

November is usually our busiest month of the year which usually sees us through the quiet months at the start of the year so in order for us to continue to stay open to serve the community of St. Neots and beyond we do need to make money to pay the bills! 

We are confident we are operating safely and figured if you tied in picking up your takeaway paint at home kits w

hile picking the kids up from school, picking up prescriptions, or grocery shopping then it's part of your essential travel journeys. We have also decided the safest way for us to provide kits is by dispensing paint into individual 1oz pots so they are yours to keep. While this is the safest way for all and it means you get to keep any left over paint for your next project (please note they are speciality glazes so can only be used on our pottery bisque). It does make us sad as the world does not need anymore plastic waste but we have sourced recyclable pots so please make us feel better by putting them in your recycle bin once you've used all the paint in them. Or feel free to return them to us with or without paint left in them and we will quarantine them before reusing. We have also decided to not include paintbrushes as part of the kits as figured most people will already have paintbrushes they can use. If you haven't then we have sourced brushes you can add to your basket and use again and again and again!

At the moment we are concentrating on sorting out the pottery click and collect but hope to add foam clay, decoupage and build a bear offerings in time so watch this space!

At the moment we've only managed to add

limited lines of pottery to our website so if there's something you want that you can't see then drop us a line as you'll be surprised what we have!


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