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If you're ordering for prints to be done at a baby group you don't need paint.

Don't let covid get in the way of your child's birthday party.  We can provide you with kits for a build a bear party and the children can all do the activity from the safety of their own homes but be together over zoom.


Price �15 a head (includes bear skin, stuffing, wish heart, adoption certificate and t-shirt to decorate):

6-7 participants = �15 a head

8-10 participants = �14 a head

11-12 = �13 a head



How it works

1) Select number of kits you want.

2) State the name of each child and which build a bear they want from our Bear Kits section ( - make sure you pick the 8 inch bears for this package. 

3) Book a click and collect slot and let us know if you are running the party over zoom or not so we know whether to individually bag up the orders or not. 

5) If doing a Zoom party then organise a meeting for the children so they can do their bear making together online!  You will need to run the session to give the instructions for each stage but you will get all the instructions in the kit.


We also do Foam Clay or Pottery Painting party packages.

Kids Party Package - Small Bears

PriceFrom £90.00