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If pre-ordering for prints to be done at a baby group you don't need to purchase paint.

This dog tag can come with a chain to make it into a necklace or make it authentic by selecting a sterling silver Ball chain that is 2mm thick and 24" long.  If you have more than one children you can wear 2 or more together.


Our dog tags are handmade with your baby/child's/dogs/loved one's prints and there is room for information such as full name, date of birth, birth weight time of birth etc.  Or instead of a handprint, footprint or pawprint, you could even have a Kiss imprint from your loved one, a favourite quote (if not too long) or a child's first drawing.  It is also possible to use adult hand and foot prints, as all prints are miniaturised to fit the pendants.  If you have recently lost someone then we can work with the funeral directors to get the prints.


The pendant comes on a sterling silver jump ring that is soldered for security.  The dog tag measures 24mm x 41mm and and you can also choose to have it just as a pendant or you can add a chain (choice of 16", 18", 20" snake chain or a 24" ball chain) to make it into a necklace.   If you select a snake chain and don't specify the size then it will come with an 18" as standard.


There is also the option to infill the prints with 24ct gold,  blue or pink cold resin or have them antiqued (black prints). We also offer a 24ct gold coating over the whole piece.


Once we have the print/s or what you want on it we will send you a layout first for you to approve before your special keepsake is made up. 

Our silver keepsakes are made from 99.9% recycled silver and come in a presentation gift box.  They're a beautiful thoughtful gift to give for all occasions and one that will last a lifetime and hold memories in the future as you watch your little ones grow up or perhaps to remember loved one's. They certainly make a lovely gift to treasure and are are particularly popular for dad's.


Imprints combinations possible:


1 or 2 prints and full name, date of birth, time of birth, birth weight.


Dog Tag Silverprint Pendant Necklace

PriceFrom £102.00
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