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If you're ordering for prints to be done at a baby group you don't need paint.

Choose from a Photo Frame or Coaster with your little one's handprint turned into the Cookie Monster! With your choice of writing and name and age around the hand print.


Pottery Options & Max Ages:

Panel Photo Frame - 2 and a half years

Square Coaster - 1 year

Round Coaster -  1 year


Minimum age for handprints: 6 months 

This is due to babies grasp reflex. While we are happy to try and get 0-6 months babies handprints in the studio it can be hit and miss depending on the baby and at groups/nurseries we can be pushed for time. We therefore recommend footprints which look really cute for babies and is a lot less stressful for them. If you really want a handprint of your 0-6 month old and their grasp reflex isn't too strong then we can try as some babies, particularly if they are 4-6 months aren't too bad to get. If we aren't able to get a handprint then we will just do footprints for this design and paint the 'o' on in the same way as the other letters.


Please note that this item is only available for nursery/toddler/baby groups where we have arranged a date to visit. If you are wanting to make this design then please head to our bookings page and book a print session.

Cookie Monster Photo Frame/Coaster

PriceFrom £12.00
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