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Best Teacher Gifts! What to get them!

Every year we get to August and we're racking our brains trying to think of something special and meaningful to get the kid's teachers. Now, lovely as chocolate and bubble bath are, how about getting them something a bit different?

Now we've got something extra special for that fabulous teacher - how about clubbing together as a whole class and making a gift that says a huge thank you and also makes a special memory for their teacher? We can make a special memory plate with all the kid's fingerprints and it can be put on proud display in their teacher's class room to remind them of how fab they are at their job.

We've turned their little fingerprints into owls, bees, apples and sooo much more in the past. But we're also creative and open to your ideas! We can tailor the piece to your children and their teacher to make it even more personal and special <3

Now you've created a killer gift, saved the planet (as there will be about 30 less bottles of bubble bath in landfill) and reminded their special teacher just how amazing they are. All you need to do is drop us an email with your ideas or questions to learn more!

We've also got some great gifts that you can order through our online shop and collect in store! All pieces are made to order, hand painted and personalised for you so make sure to get your orders in early! View Shop.

Don't forget that the kids can also paint their own gift for their teacher! There's nothing more personal and special than a hand painted gift that they can use everyday - make sure to book your session here.

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