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Our Favourite Teacher Gift Designs

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

It's almost time for kids to move up a year in school, and sadly say goodbye to their teachers... To give your teacher a big thank you, and something to remember their unique class, why not give them a gift to last a lifetime?

There are lots of options when it comes to creating a gift for your child's teacher such as; them painting their own present, commissioning us to create something personalised or creating a collective gift from the whole class.

You are the Bee's Knees Vase

Get the whole class together and create a beautiful vase with everyone's fingerprints on turned into cute little Bee's. We do all of the decorating, all you have to do is order the piece and pick up a Take Out Kit from us in the studio. We'll provide you with instructions and map out the design prior so you'll know where to put all of the fingerprints. Write the children's names around their prints in a biro or felt tip and then bring back to us in the studio ready to be decorated and fired! We'll then email you once the finished vase is ready to collect!

You can order this vase here:

Apple Teacher Plate

This is a great option if you aren't wanting the extra effort of collecting all the class' fingerprints. This plate can simply be ordered through our shop and then collected once it's ready! Its a lovely design for the teacher to have on display in their class room, complete with names of the children and the year it makes a special keepsake.

Order this design here:

Hand Painted Mugs/Pottery

These two designs make lovely gifts for teachers and can also be put onto othe pottery such as coasters and vases. "Thank you for Helping me Grow" would work especially well on a vase. These are handpainted by the Crafty Monkey team in the studio so are extra special and would also make great presents for Grandparents or Godparents.

Shop "Thank you for helping me Grow" here:

Shop "Big Hearts Shape Little Minds" here:

'Colourful Class' Crayon Design

Get the whole class involved in a big thank you gift for your teacher with a design as colourful as your class! This can also be done using the children's fingerprints and decorated into crayons by us.

Order this design here:

Owl Class Tree

Another adorable way to get the whole class involved in your teacher's gift - everyone's fingerprints transformed into little owls perched on a tree!

Shop this plate here:

These are just a few of our Teacher Gift designs! You can browse all of our Teacher Gift range here:

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