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Our COVID Measures: Text

We have had a good overhaul and deep clean of our studio and implemented measures to ensure we are COVID secure. You must book an appointment online.
We are currently offering pottery painting, build a bearhand and footprints, imprints/outprints, silverprint jewelleryfoam clay. We can also now run parties, hen do's, team building etc. 
See our short walk through video below that gives you a tour of our new 'COVID Secure' studio, talking you through the measures we've put in place and you can see the distance between tables so hope it helps you feel reassured about coming to Crafty Monkey.  It was filmed before we reintroduced build a bear so there have been a few changes since we filmed it but even after 19th July 2021 we will be keeping a lot of the measures in place to protect our customers and staff.

Our COVID Measures: News & Updates
Our COVID Measures: Video
Our COVID Measures: Text

Please note for now, the following will apply:
We have new opening hours of 10am - 4pm Tuesday to Saturday (we will open on a Monday in school holidays and busy periods).
When arriving at Crafty Monkey if there is already someone in the retail area then please wait outside until a staff member invites you in.  When invited in please hand sanitise on entry and approach the counter - there will be a screen between our staff member and yourself to protect you both.
Please note while we are retail we differ greatly from most retailers and because you will be the only household/bubble in the retail area at one time and you will not be in the retail area for long before you will be sat in the studio with space between other tables. Please follow government guidelines regarding mask wearing.  However, if you are wanting hand and footprints, imprints/outprints and silverprint jewellery you will be required to wear a mask while we take the prints. We will be wearing a mask.

New Measures for Picking up Pottery
We now email you when your pottery is ready and ask you to book a pick up slot - this allows us to have it ready for you and for you to pick up when we're not busy with other customers.
We ask when you pick up, to come on your own if possible or other people wait outside if they are old enough while you enter. Also if you can bring your own bag as we now have to charge 10p by law.
New Measures for Pottery Painting
Please abide to current government guidelines when booking a table regarding how many from different households can sit with you. It is possible for additional friends to book a separate table around the same time if the guidelines dictate you cannot sit together as the tables are suitably spaced apart yet you would still be able to converse with each other.  Booking made using our new online bookings system.
When you book online you will get email confirmation along with information about your appointment.
Bookings are for a specific time slot.  It is important that you arrive on time and you have 10 minutes to choose your pottery. Arriving early or late could impact other appointments.   We will be spacing out bookings so only one booking will be in the retail area while choosing.   We ask that you and your household say close together in the shop and not to wander off beyond the designated areas.
If you have symptoms of Covid then you need to be self-isolating so please cancel your appointment with us and do not come to collect your item until it is safe to do so.  
We have rearranged the studio so all the pottery to paint is located in the retail area and we have just 3 tables in the main studio that are more than 2 meters apart, we also have the party area that will be used for pottery painting.  This means that once seated to paint, no one other than people on other tables will be coming into this area. Our staff will also be spending most of their time behind the counter.
Once you've picked your pottery to paint, you will come to the counter which has a clear barrier between you and our staff, we will write your invoice and show you which table you can sit at. Rather than us coming to explain how it all works (many of you are experts already!), there will be laminated instructions on the table for you to follow. We will be on hand to offer guidance if needed.
There will be hand sanitiser on the table for your use.
We ask that once seated to paint you stay seated until you have finished and ready to leave.
We want to assure you that we will be cleaning the counter, till, card machine regularly and after painters have left we will be cleaning the tables, chairs instructions etc with antibacterial spray. After each household leaves, sanitised paints, paintbrushes and water pots will be put on the table.
I'm afraid we will not be selling hot drinks or snacks but will sell cold drinks. We will not be providing aprons to use, if you do get paint on your clothing it easily washes off and you are welcome to bring your own. We find that most our painters do not tend to get paint on them.
Pottery will be ready generally within 10 days later and you will need to book a pick up slot.
New Measures for prints/outprints/imprints/silverprint
We only need to spend a short time with you while we get your baby/toddlers/childs prints so we will first discuss what you want over the counter where we are protected by the screen and once you have decided what prints you want where we will come and take them. You will be required to wear a mask while we take the prints.
New Measures for Foam Clay
With foam clay, we ask you hand sanitise before touching the foam clay. There is hand sanitiser on the table.

New Measures for Build a Bear
You will need to hand sanitise before picking the animal skin and you table will be set up with what you will need with instructions. 
Please note the situation is constantly changing so the above is subject to change, also if our staff have to self isolate then we may need to temporarily close.
We are a small local business and we look forward to seeing you back soon and ask you to bare with us while we get used to this new way of working, we also apologise if we can not be as 'hands-on' and personable as we would like but all of our safety is paramount!

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