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Foam clay tubs and pottery items


Tactile fun!

Our foam clay activity is extremely popular and an exciting way of decorating items.  It's fun for all ages - from as young as two years old (with assistance) to adults. It's also non toxic and does not make a mess.  

Foam clay is a modelling clay made of small beads of clay and coated with colour, it's sticky to the touch and can be applied to all sorts of materials including our pottery shapes and our decoupage pieces by pressing the foam clay onto the object and then using your fingers to spread it out.


Items take around three hours to dry out and harden, however they can be taken away with you and left to dry out at home making it the perfect activity if you want to make and take.

We have a selection of very bright colours waiting for you to get creative by sticking it on an item! Come and try it out.


Items start at £6 and there is a £4.50 studio fee.  

Foam Clay Parties (minimum 8) £15 a head.

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