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Kids Summer Workshops!

It's nearly time for the kids to break up for the Summer Holidays! We hope you've got lots planned and are heading somewhere sunny now that we're allowed to! We're always busy throughout the summer holidays with Painters, Build a Bear and Foam Clay - but we've also got some special workshops coming up in addition to all of this!

We've got a whole range of workshops; in each one the kids will be learning a different technique and come away with a lovely product whether that be a plate, coaster, photo frame or bowl. They're lovely pieces to keep as a memory of the summer of 2022 or to be given as a gift to Grand Parents or Aunties and Uncles!

Workshops will be running every Tuesday at 11am, parents are to drop off the children at the studio for their Crafty Fun - workshops generally take up to an hour and a half, so the perfect amount of time to get some errands done and grab a coffee!

So without further ado, here are the upcoming workshops! -


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