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Everyday is a Fairy Day at Crafty Monkey!

Today is National Fairy Day and at Crafty Monkey, we’re more than well equipped to get involved! As many of you will know (especially those of you with little girls), our shelves are full of pretty fairies (and we even have some pottery ones).


If you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation of our dainty little milk tooth collecting friends, come on down to Crafty Monkey where you can paint your own fairy from our selection. And for those of you that prefer to think outside of the box a little; there are fairy princesses and all things mermaid and doll related.

Come by and talk to us about the prettiest fairy that you’ve ever seen…and if you haven’t, take a stroll down to the bottom of your garden, but don’t blink as you may miss them…

Forest Sprite

There was a little fairy Sat beneath a tree – Humming to her tiny self A haunting melody; Just a little tinkle Was all that I could hear Floating on the evening breeze High and crystal clear; Surrounded by a rainbow, Sparkles lit the air – Tiny wings did flutter Sprinkling gold dust in her hair; A tiny little forest sprite Had slipped the bonds of space, Perhaps a mere imagined thought Had brought her to this place; How sweet the sound she echoed Within this forest spot – Though I had never seen a sprite Her image now I caught; This tiny little fairy Sat beneath a tree – Humming to her tiny self A haunting melody.

Linda Ori

To book with us at Crafty Monkey – 01480219222



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