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Trying to buy that perfect Christmas present for people who have everything?  Take away the pain of pounding busy high street stores with long queues and relax in the Crafty Monkey studio while painting truely unique gifts for Christmas.  We have a wide range of pottery including all sorts of Christmas ornaments, baubles, plates, etc which make perfect gifts for Christmas.  


Or if you have children then even better, kill two birds with one stone.  Entertain the children while they paint grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends homemade Christmas gifts which will be well received. We have traditional pottery - mugs, plates, bowls etc but also lots of lovely Christmas decorations and tree ornaments which children love to paint and once glazed and fired they look fabulous hanging from the Christmas tree. Something which you can keep forever.

Or perhaps it's your baby's first Christmas, a hand or footprint on Christmas baubles are a must and extremely popular.  What's more you can turn the hand or footprint into all sorts of Christmas designs such as angels, Christmas trees, reindeer, turkey, penguins, robins, santa...the list is endless. And don't forgot baby bum print can be made into things such as a Christmas Pudding - that's not a typo!


Look at the pictures in our gallary below to see what we and our customers have painted and come on down to paint your unique gifts for christmas - a truely personalised gift while you and your children have fun making it!


Remember though to book in advance and leave enough time for items to be glazed and fired.  The lead up to Christmas is extremely busy.

We also have a click and collect service if you want to paint with the family at home over the Christmas period. Check out our shop

Lots of different plates decorated with christmas designs with prices written next to each design.
Christmas Gifts: Text
Christmas Gifts: Pro Gallery
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