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If you're ordering for prints to be done at a baby group you don't need paint.

15 cm Diameter X 1 cm Thick

These large disc/large coasters are great to really give into your creative side and to go freestyle!  They can be used to hang on the wall and would make great gifts for people.  They are also very popular for hand and footprints as they are much bigger than a coaster.


Here's how to recreate the heart design:


Valentines/Heart Project

The above heart design is incredibly easy to recreate. Cut out a paper heart, position in middle of this large coaster (or any piece of pottery) then use the end of a paintbrush (opposite end to paint with) or use a Qtip. Dip end of paintbrush in paint then onto item, repeat, repeat, repeat randomly and vary the colours. To get different size dots then dip in paint then keep dotting until dots get too small. To paint the same then order colours 16, 21, 25 or choose your own colours

Large Round Coaster 15cm

  • Please note painted pieces are for display purposes and the item is sold as plain bisque (white pottery) ready for you to add your creative flair. Once you've picked your pottery remember to choose your paint package and extras you may need. The price includes glazing and firing of the piece - we can only fire if you've used our speciality glazes. Glazed items are foodsafe.
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