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If pre-ordering for prints to be done at a baby group you don't need to purchase paint.

Handprint Elephant onto pottery of your choice and your choice of writing. Name and age of child will be written around the prints. Dots will be in grey - the same colour as the print. Writing will be done in black


Writing idea: "Never Forget How Much I Love You"


Pottery Options:

1st - Standard Mug (10oz roughly 9.5cm H)

2nd image - Latte Mug (H14cm D8cm)

4th image - Coupe Side Plate (20cm)

5th image - Square Coupe Plate (23cm)

6th image - Panel Photo Frame (21x19cm Outer Size)

7th image - Large Square Tile/Coaster (15cm)


Maximum ages for Handprint Pieces:

Standard Mug - 12 months

Latte Mug- 2 and a half years

Coupe Side Plate - 3 years

Panel Photo Frame - 1 year

Large Square Tile/Coaster - 2 years


Price includes all decoration, firing and glazing.


Please note that this item is only available for nursery/toddler/baby groups where we have arranged a date to visit. If you are wanting to make this design then please head to our bookings page and book a print session.

Handprint Elephant Design

PriceFrom £17.00
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