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Build a Bear Making Website Launched

More and more children are coming to Crafty Monkey to make a bear or even having a build a bear party.  It’s always a great feeling seeing the look on children’s faces when they get to choose a new furry friend to adopt (we have a selection of different animals, not just bears), stuff the skin, make a wish, decorate a t-shirt, fill in a bear birth certificate before the all important pledge the child makes promising to look after and love their new furry friend.  Most take this pledge very seriously and parents have commented that their children form a bond far stronger with their build a bear than other toys.  I often get children coming back to visit with their bears to buy them an outfit and tell me what they have been up to with their new bear.

This new website will allow people to order our DIY make a bear kits, bear clothes, and party kits from anywhere in the UK.  Also, existing customers will be able to browse the site to look for new bear outfits or see the range of bears we have.

Build a Bear


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