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The Diamond Jubilee Weekend

It may have been wet and it may have been cold but we are British and as a wise fool once said ‘There is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing’. So with that in mind we donned the waterproofs, packed up some of our Crafty Monkey goodies and headed off to the Market Square where a jolly good time was had by all!

We had a great time at the ‘Big Lunch’ where we are informed around 600 children were registered to join in the fun and help celebrate the Jubilee. It was so lovely to see everyone coming together and enjoying themselves in true British street party style and there was certainly a lovely atmosphere and everyone looked to be having a good time.

Many stopped by the Crafty Monkey stall and tried their hand at pottery painting by painting a union jack on a tile or a mug to commemorate the occasion – we have nearly fired all the pieces now and there’s some great results.

People were joining in with the celebrations all over the town and whilst some of us were at the Market Square some headed to the Crafty Monkey Studio (on Moore’s Walk in between Argos and Barclays Bank) to get a little relief from the elements. None of the mass produced memorabilia here, no no indeed not, instead we saw the young and the young at heart coming together to paint something that was truly memorable to them, something to treasure for generations to come to look back on and only imagine the fun that was had!

Also with all the tea party festivities around the Jubilee we have noticed an increase in tea party inspired  pottery pieces here at the Studio so if you missed out on the Jubilee weekend, why not come in and paint your own pottery and host your own tea party.

A special thanks goes out to Ingrid at Create@68 who had a stall full of gorgeous personalised gifts next to Crafty Monkey and seemed busy with her bunting making workshop – thanks Ingrid for for all your help with setting up and packing away but also for the very appropriate Jubilee music!


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