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Kids Summer Workshops!

We've been busy behind the scenes putting together a programme of summer workshops for your little ones. We know how hard it is to keep them busy during the long six weeks that they have off and it's especially difficult when you're limited for things to do because of the current Covid situation. Here at Crafty Monkey our workshops are designed so that the kids get dropped off in the studio and you lovely mums and dads get an hour to yourself to have a well earned coffee in St Neots. Why not make the day of it and head to the park after they've finished to burn off some of that energy they seem to have endless amounts of!

Workshops are a great way for your kids to learn something new and exercise their creativity at the same time and come away with something they've made. Any pieces from pottery painting workshops, such as the Monster and Under the Sea Plates will need to be fired and therefore will not be ready on the day and will need picking up at a later date (normally 2-10 days after) once we've sent an email to say it's ready. Workshops such as the Decoupage Love Plaque and Photo Frames however, can be taken home on the day! For tickets and more information please visit

For those of us who are feeling nervous about the current Covid situation, we can also adapt the workshops so they can be done at home. We'll put together everything you need so that your little ones can still have some crafty fun wherever you feel the most safe. It's also a great activity to be done in the garden with a group of children and maybe a picnic afterwards! If this sounds like something you would like to do and would like more information please call (01480 219222) or email the studio at

If none of our workshops tickle your pickle and your kids would like to pick something to paint freestyle we also do Take Out Kits which can be ordered through our online shop at


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