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If you're ordering for prints to be done at a baby group you don't need paint.

One of our favourite festive footprint designs! Your little one's footprint turned into a penguin complete with snowy scenery and writing e.g "Evelyn's 1st Christmas" with age around the print or "Christmas 2022" with name and age around the print.


All writing will be done in black.


Bauble Choices & Max ages:

Small bauble - 3 months

Medium bauble - 8 months

Large bauble - 1 year

Flat square bauble - 4 months

Flat round bauble - 4 months


We have max ages to ensure that your little one's footprint can fit onto the piece.


Please note that this item is only available for nursery/toddler/baby groups where we have arranged a date to visit. If you are wanting to make this design then please head to our bookings page and book a print session.

Penguin Footprint Bauble

PriceFrom £17.00