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If pre-ordering for prints to be done at a baby group you don't need to purchase paint.

This kit consists of an ink wipe (this is invisible) and a piece of special card that reacts to the ink and is just to get prints for our silverprint keepsakes.


If you can get prints using paint or can send us photographs of hand (hand needs to be palm up) and feet then we can use these instead so the ink kit is not necessary.




The kit will come with a piece of card and an ink wipe - the ink wipe is like a wet wipe and is clear. First of all touch the wipe then put your finger on both sides of the paper to see which side you need to do the print on. You will know as only one side will show your fingerprint after touching it - it will start light grey then darken to a dark grey.

Once you've established which side of the paper you need you use, simply wipe the ink wipe all over the hand, foot or paw (with paws if you take care just to wipe on the paw pads and not the hair in between.

Place the hand, foot or paw on the paper and hold for a few seconds then lift up the hand, foot or paw and the prints will develop. Do the same method if you want lip prints. Don't worry too much if there's smudges as we can generally clear these up.

Wash the hand, foot, paw or lips after using.

You can also put the wipe back in it's wrapper and sellotape it up in case you want to use it again. If you leave it out it will dry out.

If you want a name on your piece, write the name next to the prints. If doing two siblings then write the name by each print. Also if you can write your order number on the top of the paper and your name and email a picture of it to us at:

Ink Print Kit for Silverprint

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