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Looking to challenge your team or group and searching for fun team building ideas or unique team building activites near me? How about a creative team building activity in the form of pottery painting? If local to Crafty Monkey, see what art based corporate activities we can offer.  We are based in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire but can travel to run sessions at your team-building events in Cambridge, Bedford, Huntingdon, St Ives, Sandy and everywhere in between! 

Pottery Painting: Unique and Creative Corporate Team Building Activity

In the fast-paced world of corporate life, Crafty Monkey understands the importance of fostering strong, cohesive teams in the workplace but also looking after your employee's mental health.​


What better way to achieve this than through a creative and relaxing activity like pottery painting?

We offer unique and engaging pottery painting workshops designed to enhance team collaboration, creativity, and communication while also relieving stress and nurturing positive mental health among your team.  


Our pottery painting sessions, foster team cohesion and boost morale which is crucial for a productive and harmonious workplace.


Whether you join us at our welcoming studio, hold the activity at a venue of your choice using our take out kits or we bring the creative fun to your workplace, our pottery painting sessions are the perfect way to strengthen your team dynamics.

Pottery Painting Team Building and Work Socials at Crafty Monkey and in the workplace
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Pottery painting at Crafty Monkey is not just an art form, it's a therapeutic experience that fosters creativity and teamwork. Join us to explore the benefits of pottery painting for team building exercises.

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Team Building 

Team Building Ideas and Options

Have a look at the different options below, along with prices and creative ideas for team building activities

Pottery Painting Team Building Session at the Crafty Monkey Studio

Join us at Crafty Monkey for an immersive team-building experience.


Our studio provides a welcoming and inspiring environment where your team can relax, have fun, and unleash their creativity.

We can seat up to 38 people and can also hold it outside our normal opening hours.


We offer all the materials and guidance needed to create beautiful pottery pieces that your team will be proud of.

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Benefits of a Pottery Painting Team Building Activity

​See the benefits of a pottery painting team building session below and unleash your team's creativity through a pottery painting workshop. Art-based team building activities not only foster collaboration and innovation within your team but they are a great stress buster and incredibly therapeutic

Ready to boost your team’s creativity and camaraderie? Reach out to Crafty Monkey Pottery Studio to book your corporate team-building pottery painting session today.

Guided Sessions

Express Your Style

Quality Materials

Cater for all Group Sizes

Crafty Monkey Values

Affordable Fun

Has your organisation grown weary of the same old motivational speeches, and team-building exercises? Perhaps your team would enjoy a creative experience that is fun and relaxing.


Pottery painting can be an event in itself, or be incorporated into a team-building exercise.  One idea is for your employees to pick another employee's name out of the hat, spend five minutes talking to the other employee about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests etc and then everyone paints a mug for that person that encapsulates their personality!  Once glazed and fired the mugs can take prime position on employees desks at work reminding them of the fun experience they had. Plus no more arguments at work over whose mug is whose!

We can come to you and run the session for you or you can come to our Crafty Monkey Studio in St Neots - you could even order a Take Out Kit and run it for youselves.

Contact us to discuss options.

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