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🍎 Every year children of all ages, from pre-schoolers upwards visit Crafty Monkey to show their teachers appreciation by painting pottery end of year teacher gifts.

👩‍🎓Another popular teacher gift option is our collective teacher gifts from the whole class. This works out to be an inexpensive teacher gift option when the entire class contributes a couple of pounds each. It also saves the teacher from getting a mass of similar items. Group contributing teacher gifts can either include all the children's fingerprints or we can handpaint a personalised gift including the children's names.

🍏 Or perhaps you want to gift a fun and relaxing experience in which case our gift vouchers or e-gift cards are a unique teacher gift idea!

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Personalised Pottery Teacher Gift Options


Paint your own teacher gift

Often the most popular and best teacher gifts are the homemade and personalised gifts children create themselves.


We have a wide range of pottery, with owls, mugs and coasters proving to be popular thank you gifts for teachers.


Book a pottery painting session so your child can make a thoughtful teacher gift for their special teacher.


Whole class teacher gift ideas

If looking for inexpensive teacher gift ideas  a collective thank you teacher gift from the entire class often works out as an affordable teacher gift option.


 Whole class teacher gifts can be functional such as plant pots and vases. You can fully personalise it by capturing the class's fingerprints,  which you, or us, can turn into an array of things.  The childrens names can be added, making a great keepsake, a special teacher gift, from the entire class.  


We can create a teacher gift 

We have designs that incorporate all the children's names and a special message - this saves time as you don't need to get everyone's fingerprints but they make just as special teacher gifts. 

We also have a whole range of pottery such as mugs, coasters or trinket dishes which we can handpaint and personalise, making a thoughtful and unique teacher gift.


Teacher Gift Vouchers

After a busy year teaching, teachers look forward to a summer break of fun and relaxation.  Gift a relaxing and creative experience with one of our gift vouchers or ecards.  These can be used for pottery painting or our pottery classes with clay!

If you can't find what you are looking for on our website drop us an email.  We're always happy to bring your ideas to life! 

Teacher Gifts: Pro Gallery

Personalised Teacher Gifts Handmade at Crafty Monkey 

See some of the diy teacher gifts either we've handpainted or customers have created at our pottery studio including whole class teacher gifts

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Best Teacher Gift
Ideas & Inspiration

Searching for unique teacher gift ideas? Have a read of our related blog posts for teacher gift inspiration on personalised and DIY end of term gifts for teachers.

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