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If pre-ordering for prints to be done at a baby group you don't need to purchase paint.

Produced by Vivi Gade Design, which always ensures you good quality at a fair price, Single-sided, semi-transparent decoupage paper with prints from the Vivi Gade Design series Content: 10 x Decoupage Paper Format: sheet 25x35cm, 17g A multipurpose product, especially well-suited for Arts and Crafts, Our speacially designed decoupage paper in Vivi Gade Design can be used on many different materials such as wood, papier-mache, glass and felt. The quality is thicker and heavier than napkins and tissue paper, which makes it easy to cut and tear. Again everyone can join this activity. For brighter colours the decorated object can be painted with white paint first. The decoupage paper can be combined criss cross along with paint.

Decoupage Paper Paris Script

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