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Valentines Day Gifts from Baby <3

Is it your baby's first Valentines Day? We've got plenty of cute designs made with their footprints that would make gorgeous gifts for Dad's, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles - Valentines Day isn't just for partners! We also have Silverprint Jewellery and gifts for him which are an extra special gift to mum or dad <3

Pottery Gifts!

Our prints on Pottery can be fully customized, you can choose all colours and designs as well the writing/message you want written on the piece. Remember that the designs you see here can be done on pretty much any piece of pottery including plates, mugs, photo frames, vases and plant pots.

Book your print session here:

Remember it takes up to 10 days for items to be ready so get booked in now!

Silverprint Gifts

Necklaces, bracelet charms, bookmarks, paperweights, cufflinks, earrings, key charms and more! You can have your baby/child's prints on your Silverprint or you can get a drawing they've done, we can also immortalise a kiss or a special message.

Book your session to get the prints done here

It can take up to 2 weeks for your order to be ready so make sure to get booked in today!


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