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Trending Fruit Pottery Painting Designs

Fruit-themed designs have become a vibrant and popular choice for pottery painting, captivating people of all ages with their bright colours and appealing forms. From juicy strawberries and cheerful lemons to exotic pineapples and ripe apples, these motifs bring a fresh and lively aesthetic to ceramic pieces. Painting fruit on pottery offers endless creativity, allowing painters to experiment with bold colour palettes and intricate details.

This trend not only celebrates nature's bounty but also infuses everyday items with a splash of joy and artistic flair.

Let's get fruity text surrounded by various trending fruit designs painted on pottery
Lets Get Fruity! Popular Pottery Painting Fruit Designs

An array of trending lemon designs painted onto plates and a spoonrest with segments and whole lemons with the caption when life gives you lemons use them as inspiration for pottery painting

When Life Gives You Lemons...

When life gives you lemons... Paint them on pottery! One of the most popular designs that we always see getting painted is citruses, whether it's lemons, oranges or limes these always come out the kiln looking really effective.

Our top tip: Use a paint pen in white to get the highlights in each segment of the citrus.

A selection of pottery painted with the trending tiktok peach design with a pink background on a mug and plate and a mug with a yellow background with the caption Just Peachy and peaches as a background

Just Peachy!

Another popular design is peaches! This design has been a common occurrence since a few Tiktoks of people painting it went viral!

Our top tip: Use a Cricut to cut out peach shaped stickers to put on your piece whilst you paint the background. This will leave the space free when you peel them off so that you are left with a stencil. If you don't have a cricut you can use a wet paper stencil over a base layer of white paint to get the same effect.

A bowl of cherries in the background with Cherrific Designs as the caption and heart plates a mug and a bowl all painted in our pottery painting studio with cherries.

Cherriffic Designs

This design looks really effective and we're seeing it being painted in the studio more and more. This plate gives us major picnic vibes and is the perfect design to paint on a date.

Our top tip: Use a paint pen in green to do the stalks, you can also use a paint pen in white to add a highlight to the cherry.

A watermelon background with the caption Watermelon Sugar and different watermelon designs painted onto pottery including mugs a bowl and a plant pot.p

Watermelon Sugar

A lot of the popularity of fruit designs have come from Harry Styles. With his songs named Cherry, Watermelon Sugar, and Kiwi as well as lyrics mentioning Strawberries, you can see why fans are wanting to paint fruit pottery inspired by him. This design makes a great handmade gift for a Harry Styles fan. Stay tuned for a Harry Styles themed pottery night.

Our top tip: Use the end of a paintbrush to create a dot then flick it out to create a seed shape.

Orange segments for the background with the pun Squeeze the day and pottery painted with various orange designs including plates a bowl and a jug

Squeeze The Day

Another popular citrus design is oranges. Whether whole or just the segments, we are seeing this design getting painted in the studio more and more! This design is perfect for a hot summer's day!

Our top tip: use a sponge dabber to create oranges easier, then you can paint on highlights and leaves using a paint pen.

A background of sliced kiwis with the caption you hold the kiwi to my heart and a plate with a kiwi design painted onto pottery

The Kiwi To Our Heart

This is one of the more underrated fruit designs but we are seeing it become more and more popular. This is another design that is perfect for Harry Styles fans, why not add some lyrics to customise it further!

Our top tip: Use the end of a paintbrush to create a dot then flick it out to create a seed shape.

Slices of limes as the background with the caption SUBLIME and hand painted pottery  with trending lime designs including plates a bow and jug


Another citrus design, this time it's limes! These are a popular choice to pair with lemons on a piece.

Our top tip: When creating a lime plate or bowl you can use your fingerprint to create texture in the segments.

Trending pottery painting strawberry designs painted onto different style mugs, a heart plate, a flower shaped plate and a pot with strawberries in the background and the caption Strawberry Vibes

Berry Sweet

Strawberries are the perfect fruit for a picnic, which also make them the perfect fruit to paint on pottery!

Our top tip: Use a heart plate and paint a strawberry using the shape of the plate as a guide.

Popular grape designs painted onto pottery including plates and bowls with grapes as a background and the caption 'Have a Grape Day'

Have a Grape Day

Our final design to talk about is Grapes. This design looks great on a bowl and can then be used to keep your grapes in, or why not mix and match a few of these designs to create your new fruit bowl!

Our top tip: Plan out where each of your grapes will go with a felt tip first, felt tips will burn off in the kiln, you can then use a sponge dapper or your fingerprint to add each of the grapes on with paint.

If you've felt inspired by any of these designs why not, book a pottery painting session or buy a take out kit. Also keep an eye on our social media feed for more inspiration and for details of when we run our next fruit themed workshops.

Don't forget to comment and let us know which of these was your favourite design.



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