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'Tis the Season for Bum'pkin Plates!

Our Bum'pkin Plates are one of our most popular designs and we do them all year round, however this time of year is the perfect time to come in and make your own. Bum Prints are a fun alternative to the usual baby hand and footprints onto pottery and surprisingly are often easier to get! Creating a Bum'pkin plate with your baby is a fun cute experience and one that keeps on giving as you get it out every year for your Autumnal décor!

If you've got a group of friends with babies that you think would love our Bum'pkin plates, why not book in for you all to make your special plate together by booking a Group Baby Print Session - if you're group is 6 or more then we'll give you all Free Studio Fees!

You're also not limited to just making a Bum'pkin plate in your session, we can create as much pottery as you'd like! We're already thinking special Christmas gifts for Grandparents and other family members or as a personalised First Christmas keepsake.

Book your Baby Print Session here:

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