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New Toy Safety Regulations July 2011

It’s been busy busy busy at Crafty Monkey but this week has calmed down a bit so attempting to get through my never ending ‘To Do’ list – obviously that isn’t going to happen overnight so thought I’d take a little break to post what I think is useful information – well it is if it affects you!

I’ve actually cut and pasted the below from Best Years website, they are wholesalers of  gorgeous knitted toys and fair trade items – worth having a peek at their website!

Anyway, they have gone through what I’d only assume to be a tedious directorate and pulled out the main points of the New Toy Safety Regulations July 2011 which are below.  As they state, they have no particular specialist knowledge on toy safety and can not advise on this legislation, same goes for me.

build a bear toys ready to be stuffed

New Toy Safety Regulations July 2011 - The Main Gist

The new toy safety directives aim to ensure that safety is designed in to the product rather than being something which is tested for only after a toy has been manufactured

For this reason every toy will have a technical file which details all the components used in the manufacture of the toy and the tests which these components have had.

The technical file will include the bill of materials, safety assessment, test certificates and a declaration of conformity.

It is the responsibility of the toy manufacturer to compile this technical file. If you name and address is on the sew in label you are the manufacturer. Every toy coming in to Europe must have a European address on the sew in label

It is the responsibility of the importer to ensure that this information is up to date, complete and correct. Importers distribute toys which are either made in the EU or have an EU address on them

It is the responsibility of the retailer or distributor to ensure that all toys they sell have the CE mark on them and that the toys are kept in such a way as not to potentially damage them

Some changes to the regs which will probably be of particular interest to retailers are as follows

• Toys meant for under 3s must be washable not just surface wash only.

• If you have an internet shop then any warnings on the toy must be detailed in full under the description of the toy

• If a company shows a product at trade show without a CE mark, there must be a sign up indicating that it doesn’t comply now but will comply when its physically sold.

• The product must comply with regulations for the products lifetime and not just for the day its sold therefore when doing safety assessment, you must take into account use and abuse of product.

• Requirements are also extended to include products which, whilst not promoted as toys, are attractive to children and have play value. Obvious examples include child appealing key-rings, Christmas novelties and decorative attachments to children’s garments

Hope that helps.  I’ve just checked all my build a bear stock and it’s all fine 🙂



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