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Mothers Day Gift Guide - Share this with the Dads!

When it's Father's Day we always get a flurry of mum's coming in to make lovely gifts for all the Dad's - other than Christmas, it is by far our busiest time of year. When it comes to Mother's Day's a quieter affair....BUT...this year we want to change that! Mum's deserve all the pampering and special gifts so we're making it easy for the Dads and here's a list of everything we can make!

Prints on Pottery

If you've got a little one, new-born, 6 months, toddler etc. this is by far the most popular gift for Mums. We can take your baby's prints and put them onto any pottery you like, whether it be a mug, vase, photo frame, plate etc.

Find out how it works and book your session here

Silverprint Keepsakes

This is another form of taking their little hands and feet and being able to keep them forever but in the form Jewellery. We have necklaces, bracelet charms, earrings, keyrings and more. All you have to do is check out our prices online and book your session and bring baby in for us to take the prints (which is really easy, all you have to do is sit with baby on your lap and we do the rest). Silverprint can take up to 2 weeks to be ready and we send an email when it's ready to collect.

For more info and to book click here

Paint your own Pottery Gift

If your children are a little old for doing little hand and footprints, why not come in and paint a special Pottery keepsake for mum? We've got plenty to choose from including 'I love Mum' mugs, plant pots, heart decorations and jewellery dishes. It makes for a cute, personal and thoughtful gift.

More information and how to book here

Gift Vouchers!

A great option if you've left it a bit late to get a gift (we do only gift vouchers that are emailed directly to you!) and great if you're not sure which option Mum would like - or if she's expecting and you want to get something ready for when baby arrives! Our gift vouchers can be used for Prints on Pottery, Silverprint, Imprints & Outprints and Pottery Painting - so lots of lovely options!

Order your Gift Voucher here.


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